Grade K

Grade K



Mrs. Maricella Gomez-Palma
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Welcome to another exciting year in kindergarten.  My name is Maricela Gomez Palma, but you can just call me Mrs. Gomez.  I graduated from Chicago State University with a BA in Bilingual Education.  I taught in CPS for 13 years in Dual language schools, in which I taught in both English and Spanish.  This is my 5th year here at Sacred Heart, my first three years I taught in pre k and this is my second year in kindergarten.  I am a busy mother of 4 boys, yes four boys.  My oldest just  graduated from Sacred Heart this past year and will begin his new journey in High school.  My other three boys still attend Sacred Heart one is now in 8th grade, one in 5th and my youngest in 2nd.  I am very excited and happy to be working with your children this year.

Expectations: I expect every child to come ready to learn.  Have a good night rest and have a healthy breakfast to help them start their day.  Please make sure to bring your chid to school on time every day and if your child is not feeling well please keep them home and send a letter upon their return.  You can also call the office or send me a message.  Make sure children are dressed in appropriate uniform.  We will have gym on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday so please make sure the children wear their gym uniform with gym shoes on these days.

In class I expect all children to follow our classroom rules; 1.  Be respectfull to each other  2.  Listen when someone is speaking  3.  Respect or school and school property 

Children will be attending church after Thanksgiving.  They will be learning prayers and will learn about the bible.  Please make sure this becomes part of a daily routine and have children practice prayer at home.  Lets model to our children how to be good Catholics and I ask that you attend mass with your child on Sundays.

First quarter snapshot:  Math counting by 10's ,place value, counting on and geometric shapes.  Phonic: letter sounds, rhyming words, word families and sight words.  Science :  seasons and five senses. Social Studies:  Pledge of alligience. Writing:  Forming letters 

Homework and classwork:  Kids will have daily phonics and math assignments that are expect to be  completed neatly and turned in on time.  When the time is right children will also be taking home books to read at home based on their reading level to practice at home, instruction will be sent home with book, please make sure to take care of these books and return on due date.

I look forward to an amazing year I know that this is a challenging year but we can get through it together.  My email is posted above please feel free to email me when ever you have a question it is never a bother.  Thank you for trusting me with your children!













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